Business Offering

Super Glory offer a one-to-one service for companies that are looking for a reliable and dedicated business partner. Our company provides customers with a Complete Business Offer including Sourcing & Development, Production & Business Partnership.

Sourcing & Development

Our team in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou facilitate the whole production process from Concept Development, Product Development, Merchandising, Lab Testing, Quality Control to the point of shipment of the  final product.  Typically, after deciding what services the customer need, a project team is set up that work directly with both the customer and the factories.



Super Glory has five of its own Factories in South East China as well as strong network with other manufactures in the region. As a result, we have the annual capacity to produce 7,000,000 pieces of Apparel for Women, Men and Children and 2,000,000 pieces of Home Textile products.


Business Partnership

For some customers’ with tight production schedules or challenging sourcing needs, the answer has been to have permanent or temporary staff in our offices in Hong Kong and China. This allows them to physically work side by side with their Super Glory Team as well as being close to the factories. For visits between factories in different locations, we have our own private drivers for secure and convenient transportation.